Redshift Render View Post FX Alpha 2.6.19 Preview

Testing the new A & B Snapshot Comparison Tool in the Redshift Render View Post FX Alpha. Works just like Nuke's, can rotate, slide, and adjust opacity. The Redshift Render view is becoming very powerful. They keep adding what the community asked for one by one. Nuke style comparison I personally requested and it finally arrived  Lots of awesome features already included in the Post FX Alpha builds.  
Latest Post FX Alpha build added these features.
 • PostFX are now (optionally) saved to output files when rendering with the RenderView
• PostFX settings are now stored with the scene
• Added preset system allowing you to save and load presets for each “category” of PostFX settings.  The special “default” preset can be used to set the default values.
• Added keyboard shortcut customization system for the RenderView
• Added functionality to copy frame buffer to clipboard
• Added ability to reset to default for most controls
• Added copy/paste and “apply all” to color button groups
• Added eyedropper for Whitepoint
• Added color curve control (RGB, R, G & B)
• Added storage of PostFX settings in snapshots
• Added ability to manually load snapshot files
• Added AB comparison for snapshots and/or live view
• Added snapshot autoload functionality
• Added notes view with custom notes per snapshot
• Added comparison window for snapshots showing differences in render settings  

Saul Espinosa

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