Redshift 2.5.33 Releases Maya + Houdini Custom Frame Buffer

The latest version of Redshift has launched which includes the new custom frame buffer for both Maya and Houdini. This bring a tremendous speed performance along with undersampling and other useful features. The custom frame buffer is going through many iterations and updates since its initial release on 3dsmax several months ago. It includes LUTs, OCIO, Tessellation Freezing for a responsive IPR during adaptive displacement and more.

This version also updated the Redshift AOV core to prepare for the release of custom AOV technologies which will allow for Light Path Expressions, Custom AOV's and eventually the implementation of technologies like Cryptomatte.

Patch Notes:
Release notes
* [Maya] Added RenderView support (Windows only, Linux and macOS will follow)
* [Maya] Removed support for Maya 2012, 2013 and 2013.5
* [Max] Fixed bug that could trigger sluggish IPR when displacement shaders are present
* [Max] Fixed bug where IPR uses wrong background color when Material Editor is open
* [Max] Fixed bug where Object IDs are not used for splines / shapes
* [Max] Fixed bug where instanced splines / shapes are not rendered
* [Max] Opening Render View window resizes and/or zooms to fit rendered frame
* [XSI] Legacy built-in surface shaders (Phong, Cook-Torrance) upgraded to use the same reflection/refraction samplers as Redshift material shaders
* [C4D] Added support for sequential and random distributions for emitters with custom objects via new options in the Particle section of the RSObject tag
* [C4D] Added initial support for proxies as custom particle objects
* [C4D] Improved the Light and Camera shortcuts in the Redshift menu. These are now distinct commands which can be added individually to custom toolbars
* [C4D] Addressed a hang issue in the RenderView when toggling the IPR while a Render To Picture Viewer is in progress
* [C4D] Addressed an issue where scaling the an RS Spot Light would not affect the falloff
* [C4D] Addressed an issue where deformers would affect curve objects
* [C4D] Addressed an issue where certain curve changes would not be reflected in the IPR
* [C4D] Addressed an issue in TeamRender where AOVs would not render correctly under certain conditions
* [Houdini] (EXPERIMENTAL) Added RenderView support, available from the RS ROP node or using the “Redshift_openRenderViewIPR” command (Windows only, Linux will follow)
* [Houdini] Fixed a crash updating the IPR scene after undo a shop node delete operation
* [Houdini] Fixed the rendering of render map sequences
* [Katana] Fixed a bug in the Math shading nodes parameters links
* [RenderView] Snapshot shortcut keys now toggle selection (i.e. you can toggle between snapshot 1 and current by pressing the ‘1’ key repeatedly)
* [RenderView] Changed shortcut key for deselecting all snapshots to the ‘left quote’ key (key adjacent to the ‘1’ key)
* [RenderView] Fixed bug that could cause strange colors to be displayed for normal and other outputs with negative values
* [RenderView] Added extra file type filters to ‘Save Image As’ dialog
* [RenderView] Added ‘File Options’ menu to control saved image formats
* [All] EXR files saved from RenderView no longer have AutoCrop enabled
* [All] Fixed compile issue on Linux/MacOS that could produce GPU programs that would run slower than on Windows
* [All] Fixed numerous bugs that caused corruption when using tri-planar, shader switch and bump node combinations
* [All] Fixed bug that disabled object matte overrides for transparencies unless ‘Secondary Ray’ option was checked
* [All] Fixed bug that could cause incorrect volume GI/lighting AOVs when seen through an opacity cut-out
* [All] Fixed bug that could cause incorrect object-space normals AOVs for objects with scaled matrices
* [All] Renderer core now uses new AOV technology. Custom AOVs just around the corner…
* [All] Proxy files can now be shared between different dccs and rendered without shader errors
* [All] Fixed recently introduced bug (in 2.5.32) with volume grid motion blur that could produce crashes
* [All] Proxy files now evaluate tiled texture paths (udim/uvtile) on load, instead of save; useful if the paths are not correct on proxy saving, but are correct on load

Saul Espinosa

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