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Hey everyone! My name is Saul Espinosa, I am a Concept Artist and Matte Painter in the film and entertainment industry in the Los Angeles area. - I have been a major fan of Redshift for some time now. I have been following the renderer develop over the years and have been very excited to see it grow.

It is a new and exciting technology to see develop. It truly opens the doors for small studios and individuals to have access to amazing rendering power with just a few consumer grade GPU. In the past you needed large render farms to render complex scenes but today with the advent of GPU rendering these limits have been disappearing. This is allowing more people to have access to the rendering power that wasn't easily available before.

Redshift is further unique in this regard because it is the only GPU render engine which is not limited by the GPU VRAM size. It opens the gates to heavy scenes and assets which were not possible in the past for GPU based render engines.

I want to welcome more users to this wonderful technology and provide a space here on this blog with posts related to Redshifts technology. Ranging from the renders the community makes, tutorials, technology updates, the latest developer news and more.

Thanks again everyone!


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Saul Espinosa

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