Redshift 3D 3.0.46 Adds OCIO v2, ACES Built-in, Custom EXR Metadata, Blender Redshift Proxies & more!

Redshift 3.0.46 is now available. This is a major build with a lot of new features and changes. This build adds OCIO 2.0 support and Redshif...

Redshift 3.0.46 is now available. This is a major build with a lot of new features and changes. This build adds OCIO 2.0 support and Redshift now ships with ACES out of the box. It also adds support for Blender proxies, Blender 2.93, Houdini 18.5.596, new 3dsmax color managed color picker, custom EXR Metadata, new Principled Hair Trace depth override only for hair so you can keep the reflection trace depths low globally and more.

Release Notes
IMPORTANT NOTE! This version introduces new color management features that in certain cases may change the look of existing scenes. See: https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/38097/
IMPORTANT NOTE! This version introduces filtering changes which might slightly change the look of renders for some 3d apps. See: https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/37821/
* [Maya] Added support for Redshift new OCIO-based color management
* [Maya] Fixed issue where OSL shader string parameters using their default didn’t have this default value restored on file load
* [Maya] Fixed issue in IPR and motion blur is turned on and when you move an object it would snap back to its previous position
* [Maya] Fixed issue where camera’s environmentShader wasn’t being rendered
* [Maya] Debugged issue with shading group not being marked as dirty when surface shader is incorrectly connected to it
* [Maya] The OSL shader is now labelled differently in the Create Node window depending on whether it is being used as a utility shader or surface shader
* [Max] Added support for Redshift new OCIO-based color management
* [Max] Added Redshift Color Picker—an improved color picking interface that supports color management
* [Max] Fixed a potential crash during plugin load if creation of the default cache path fails
* [Max] Fixed incorrect rotation of viewport wireframe guides for Disc Lights
* [Max] Fixed a bug in Render Setup where the Quantize To 8-bit And Dither checkbox had no effect
* [Max] Fixed a bug in RS Bitmap where the texture preview sometimes renders black
* [Max] Added simple Material Editor preview for RS TriPlanar
* [Max] Tidied up user interface for RS TriPlanar texture inputs
* [Max] The experimental “motion blur banding compensation” feature is now disabled by default for new scenes
* [C4D] Added support for Redshift new OCIO-based color management
* [C4D] Fixed bug that forced legacy C4D transparent/refractive materials to cast opaque shadows
* [C4D] Added a color-space selection UI for textures used in the ShaderGraph, Nodes, Lights and the Asset Manager window
* [C4D] Moved the camera-tag and the global post-effect color management options to the Color Management section of the render settings. Existing scenes will be converted automatically.
* [C4D] Changed the sorting behavior of “pages” in the OSL node. Page groups are now sorted by declaration order. In some rare cases older scenes with OSL nodes may need to be reset default or reconnected.
* [C4D] Improved the automatic translation of Standard Materials and Lights
* [C4D] Addressed a potential shutdown crash on macOS
* [C4D] Addressed an issue that could lead to a crash in a third-party plugin under certain conditions
* [C4D] IMPORTANT NOTE: This build includes significant changes to the scene data. The plugin will perform an automatic one-time upgrade of existing scenes into the new format. When saved these changes become permanent and incompatible with earlier versions of Redshift. For this reason we advise keeping backups of your scene files, especially if you intend to use them with earlier versions of Redshift
* [Houdini] Added support for Redshift new OCIO-based color management
* [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 18.5.596 and 18.5.563, and dropped support for 18.5.499 and 18.5.462
* [Houdini] Added the “Redshift_updateCamerasSpareParameters” hscript command to update all the cameras in the scene including the new OCIO options
* [Houdini] Added the support of the scene extraction from /tasks
* [Houdini] Added support for EXR metadata
* [Houdini] Fixed a problem with the color type parameter VOP nodes if linked to shader inputs
* [Houdini] Fixed a crash in the RenderView while using the render region and the object/material selector at the same time
* [Houdini] Addressed the behavior of the textures cache parameters in the preferences panel, that will be disabled if set from environment variables
* [Houdini] Fixed a crash on macOS related to the live materials override updating
* [Houdini] Addressed the behavior of the light objects in cryptomatte
* [Houdini] Addressed the reporting of some RSMaterial warning messages while loading scenes created with RS 3.0.36 or earlier
* [Houdini] Redshift Packed Proxy SOP override material updated as operator path instead of string
* [Houdini] Addressed an issue with the Redshift OBJ and CAM spare parameters tab location while updating old nodes
* [Houdini] Addressed the IPR forced full scene reloading while switching the “On/Off” shelf tool or the “Redshift_IPRUpdateState” command
* [Katana] Added support for Redshift new OCIO-based color management
* [Katana] Addressed the instance arrays rotation attributes to work in degrees matching the hierarchical workflow
* [Katana] Added support for EXR metadata. The metadata must be set at attribute level by creating attributes under “exrheaders”
* [Katana] Addressed the behavior of the light objects in cryptomatte
* [Katana] Addressed a problem while instancing non-group parent types like “asset”, “modelResolutions” and “info”
* [Hydra] Added support for Redshift new OCIO-based color management
* [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 18.5.563 and 18.5.596 and dropped support for 18.5.462 amd 18.5.499
* [Hydra] Fixed a problem related to missing buckets while rendering to disk with the denoising enabled
* [Hydra] New option to create the mesh lights including the object space transformations
* [Hydra] New options in the render settings node to configure the cryptomatte IDs from the object names or from the full paths
* [Hydra] Fixed a problem with the cryptomatte custom name IDs
* [Hydra] Addressed the behavior of the light objects in cryptomatte
* [Hydra] Fixed a plugin loading problem in Solaris for macOS
* [Hydra] Fixed a problem while denoising/postfx float3 rendervars
* [Hydra] Fixed several issues related to crashes while denoising scenes without the main color AOV or including material AOVs
* [Hydra] Fixed a crash while adding light objects to the scene
* [Hydra] Addressed the mesh lights polygon winding order issue
* [Blender] Added support for export and import RS Proxies
* [Blender] Added basic support for use imported proxy as instantiated object for particle systems
* [Blender] Added basic support to use UV data from other mesh in Blender Texture Space pannels
* [Blender] Fixed issue that show the alpha channel in the Blender image view for Normal, Bump Normal and World Position AOV passes
* [Blender] Moved Redshift Color Management options near to the Blender Color Management panels
* [Blender] Added support for Blender 2.93 release
* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where minimizing the RenderView would cancel IPR mode
* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where the RenderView would not display the frame buffer correctly when the pixel aspect was no 1.0
* [OSL] Fixed bug that forced transparent/refractive closures to cast opaque shadows
* [All] Fixed bug that could mess up cryptomatte values on light meshes
* [All] Fixed bug that could cause materials to render black when using shader switch nodes
* [All] Added trace depth control to the new ‘principled hair’ shader node
* [All] Changed the default filter size to 2.5 (from 2.0) and default IC/IPC working tree size to 512 (from 128)—see https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/37821/
* [All] Fixed bug that could trigger “CString: String length bigger than max allowed length” errors when using many switch nodes
* [All] Fixed bug that could cause blocky-looking custom AOVs through reflections/refractions
* [All] Fixed ancient bug that could cause rare shader crashes or bizarre-looking emissive lighting effects
* [All] Fixed crash that would occur if a camera map shader node was assigned to the global environment output
* [All] Fixed bug that could cause rare random crashes when scenes contain opaque single scattering materials
* [All] Fixed race condition bug that could cause texture corruption when using the same texture source with different color spaces
* [All] Fixed bug that could cause crashes when using cryptomatte on scenes with volumes


Feature video

Feature video


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Redshift Render Blog: Redshift 3D 3.0.46 Adds OCIO v2, ACES Built-in, Custom EXR Metadata, Blender Redshift Proxies & more!
Redshift 3D 3.0.46 Adds OCIO v2, ACES Built-in, Custom EXR Metadata, Blender Redshift Proxies & more!
Redshift Render Blog
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