Redshift 3.0 Experimental Build Release

So what is included in the first 3.0 experimental release? Higher Trace Depths Redshift will now support up to 64 diffuse, reflecti...

So what is included in the first 3.0 experimental release?
Higher Trace Depths
Redshift will now support up to 64 diffuse, reflection, refraction bounces and 256 transparency levels. While this sounds like a trivial change (as in “we just changed some limits”), that’s not actually the case! smile We had to rewrite a lot of Redshift internals which, as an added bonus, sped up the rendering core by a good few percentage points! You should notice better GPU utilization as part of that, too!
Sampling/shading optimizations
This initial release will not enable (yet!) the automatic sampling feature because we discovered some issues with it. But there are other optimizations in place (part of automatic sampling) which will help speed up rendering further. It goes without saying that we’ll continue working on automatic sampling and once we feel it’s consistent enough (as: renders with both great visual quality and faster than before), we’ll release it. This is one of the most high-priority items currently!
RTX (RT core) support
There have been a good few posts about that one already! smile The support is still not on 100% parity with the legacy CUDA-based ray tracer. Certain features might not work (like light/mesh links or trace sets) but we’re working hard to either make them work or to transparently fall back to the legacy tracer (with some warnings). The good news is that the RT cores will work for the majority of features and they will work well. There are very very few cases where we found RTX to render slower than our own code. The “typical worst case scenario” is for RTX to not render that much faster compared to the legacy ray tracer. With your help, we hope to find and fix any problematic cases!
Lighting AOVs through transparencies and refraction
Some of the work we had to do to achieve higher trace depths has opened the possibility for having lighting-related AOVs (diffuse/specular/etc) visible through transparency and refraction. Comp ninjas know that this was not possible in Redshift (except for custom AOVs) until now.
Improved secondary ray clamps
Even though this system was revamped on 2.6, there could still be some cases where secondary rays could be clamped in a wrong way which could produce energy loss. The secondary ray accuracy has been increased in 3.0.
Improved light group AOV fidelity
Similar to the above, the light group AOV math was, in some cases, producing precision inaccuracies, resulting in ‘ghosting’ artifacts in the final comp. This inaccuracy has now been addressed.
Coming soon: DeepEXR improvements
The increased trace depths and the modifications in the core has produced a few issues with our Deep EXR tech so we’ll be looking at revamping it. Some people have complained about the amount of memory it uses as well as other things like the lack of VDBs in it. We’ll use this as a chance to revisit and fix those topics.
Coming soon: NVLink support
Once RTX support solidifies a bit more, we’ll be enabling NVLink. We’ve already done some preliminary tests and and we think it’ll work pretty nicely. There is a bit of a performance hit but it beats either 1) Going excessively out of core (which is a bit hig) or 2) Totally failing to render the scene (which can happen with VDBs)
Coming soon: Native C4D noises, without baking (on all 3d apps!!)
This is a nice benefit of the Maxon deal. Cinema4D’s powerful noise nodes will make an appearance in Redshift! And our goal is to have these available not only in C4D but on all 3d apps!
While still not ready to show anything yet, progress has been nice on that front. The main effort with it is to make sure that it works (and looks) as similar to the “full” Redshift as possible. Except in realtime! smile This is a very technically challenging project but things are moving nicely and we hope to be able to at least tease something in the next few months.
Work has already begun on OSL support as well as “full” OCIO support (for textures, etc). The aforementioned automatic sampling support is also just the first step in a more general “revamp Redshift’s sampling” task. The goal there is to have a system that achieves cleaner images with as few rays as possible. This includes scenarios like ray traced caustics, many light situations and others. Many more features still in progress.


Feature video

Feature video


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Redshift Render Blog: Redshift 3.0 Experimental Build Release
Redshift 3.0 Experimental Build Release
Redshift Render Blog
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